A Glimpse Into Beekeeping


Beekeeping is an activity that is very interesting in itself, as it is the keeping of bees and other insects. Bees play a vital role in pollinating plants and flowers, and without them we would not have the flowers and crops that we have.

Usually, it is unwise to undertake extensive beekeeping without considerable previous experience on a small scale since there are so many little details that go into making this pastime work.

So, it’s a good plan to begin small and when you’ve gotten a good grip on things and made a small profit (if making profit is why you’re doing this for, that is) gradually expand your colony as far as the local conditions and your desires of expansion permit.

Beekeeping For Beginners
Beekeeping Courses For BeginnersEver wanted to have your own beehive but didn’t know how to build it, how to manage the colony or how to prevent it from swarming?

Check out our Beekeeping Made Easy guide for detailed instructions on how to keep honey bees in your backyard, how to manage and care for your colony, how to collect the honey, and more…

Beekeeping is a good hobby that can be done by almost anyone and requires little start-up cost. In order to start you will need to obtain the proper equipment and supplies, as well as learn about the bee’s behavior, which is the most important piece of knowledge you have at your disposal as a beekeeper.

Important Equipment

The most important piece of equipment you will need for beekeeping is a bee smoker, which is a device that creates a type of smoke that attract bees. Please note, however that it’s not the smoke itself that attracts the bees, as it’s the odor. Bees naturally avoid smoking, so the smoke they are attracted to is actually an odor created by the smoker.

This piece of equipment allows beekeepers to effectively control the population of bees that may be in a beekeeping hive. Most beekeepers have a special kind of smoker that works differently to other such devices.

Many different types of bee smokers exist, but most beekeepers choose one that is called the red-box smoker, as it produces 10 times more smoke. Another type is called the black-box smoker, which is extremely quiet.

A bee smoker can range in price quite substantially, depending on the brand and quality of the product. But if you’re working with small colonies you might not need costly equipment, so don’t stress about it.

Understand the Behavior Of Your Bees

In order for your bees to start producing honey it’s important for you to learn how bees behave so you can take proper care of your colony. Although there is no real need for beekeepers to babysit their honey bees, it’s still important to learn how to properly handle them to ensure that they are able to produce honey, and this is where your knowledge of bee behavior comes into play.

Apiarists who are just starting out, or hobbyists who are not sure if they even have the time to devote to beekeeping, should consider hiring a professional to come and inspect the bees.

This person can also give the hobbyist suggestions on how to best care for his / her hive, so hiring a pro is a good idea in general no matter if whether or not you are a successful beekeeper.

Apart from understanding your bees behavior and learning how to care for them, finding the best location for your beehive is also of paramount importance.

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