Infertility Causes, Effects, Cures


Pregnancy is one stage in life that almost every woman will undergo. Due to their unique anatomy and physiology, women are naturally designed to create life, but for various reasons many women simply can’t do it. Not until they fixed the underlying causes of their infertility anyway.

This situation leads to various negative effects on women’s relationships with their partners and in response to this concern different treatments or medications have been made available for their consider.

There Are 3 Reasons For Infertility

It is believed that infertility is usually caused by one of 3 main factors. The factors involving women’s anatomy are classified under structural issues, which means problems occurring in the fallopian tube, uterus or cervix.

Another possible cause concerns the physiology of pregnancy, a bio-mechanical issue. Scar tissues that can cause blockage within the uterus and fallopian tube can hinder women from getting pregnant.

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And lastly, infertility can originate from a primary problem with ovulation and is thus called an ovulatory issue. Hormonal abnormalities, the effect of some medications and other health problems can harm the functioning of the ovary and cause ovarian failure.

The Negative Effects Of Infertility On Couple

A woman’s inability to get pregnant can be very stressful not only to herself but also to her partner. Because it is expected of her to bear children, not being able to do so is considered a failure on her part.

The pressure imposed on her by her partner and other people may also add up to her stress and anxiety. She may start blaming herself for this situation and develop a concept of herself as someone who is damaged.

Her partner, on the other hand, may feel both disappointed and helpless faced with this problem. The stressfulness of their problem can cause negative changes in their mood and attitude. If the stress and anxiety of having this problem will not be dealt with properly, it can lead to frequent fighting between couples and possibly cause them to separate or divorce.

Solutions, Treatments, Drugs

Despite of the initial feeling of helplessness, couples may still find encouragement in seeking possible solutions to a woman’s infertility. Nowadays, medications like clomiphene citrate, follicle-stimulating hormone, or human menopausal gonadotropins are available in the market to stimulate ovulation in a woman.

These treatments, however, have potential side effects, such as:

  • multiple birth incidences
  • headaches or blurred vision
  • depression and mood swings
  • pelvic discomforts and ovarian cysts

One solution for remedying structural and mechanical issues that cause infertility is surgery. Another approach based on oriental medicine is also currently recognized as an effective treatment (only for female infertility, however).

Methods included in this approach are acupuncture and herbal medicine. The goal of acupuncture is to open the blocked energy that prevents fertilization (this is also believed to help restore the balance among organs especially in the endocrine system), while herbal plants – when ingested – can increase the chances of pregnancy.

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